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      Human Trafficking Training

      The goal of the human trafficking training is to end it. Human trafficking if often taking place in plain site. The first steps to help eradicate human trafficking is to recognize the signs of human trafficking, what actions to take, and how to educate others. Culpability has developed training to help educate and empower on the indicators of the human …

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      Get Home Safe Training

      Did you know that three people are killed by police every day? The goal of the Get Home Safe training is to help create a plan for every attendee to utilize to get home safe. This training will provide scenarios and role plays for attendees to walk through alongside Subject Matter Experts in an experiential learning environment. Culpability has developed …

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      Freeish Workshop

      The goal of the Freeish Workshop is to increase awareness related to implicit biases, prejudices, and discrimination that leads to injustice and mass incarceration. Participants will leave with specific solutions on what they can do to help abolish racism, stop injustices, and end mass incarceration. Participants experience various scenarios and role playing to understand systemic racism that leads to inequitable …

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      KWIDS Training (Kids with Invisible Disabilities Safety Training)

      One out of 54 people have Autism or are on the spectrum. These are people and children with invisible disabilities. They are referred to as people with invisible disabilities because no one can immediately see they may require special considerations or special needs. Unfortunately, it’s far too often law enforcement officers react recklessly when interacting with children with invisible disabilities …

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      Cultural Competency Training

      The goal of this course is to empower attendees with the knowledge and skills to understand and appreciate diverse cultures, religions and belief systems. Through developing one’s skill set attendees can learn to appreciate and understand the many diverse cultures in our communities. This not only makes one a better member of the community but will also teach them how …

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      How to be a Good Ally

      The goal of this course is to help everyone be a better ally for the good of the community.  Being a better Ally starts with educating oneself on the issues faced by minority groups in and out of the community. It starts with education and continues through building a community of allies. This course is designed to help everyone become …

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