• Culpability Back Story

    In the United States African Americans are 2.5 times more likely to be killed by police than their Caucasian counterparts. For black women, the rate is 1.4 times more likely. Over 30,000 people every year are wrongfully convicted and sent to prison in the United States. The United States incarcerates more of its citizens than any other developed country in the world including China.

    The founder grew up in a law enforcement family and endured the pain and struggles this brought while holding the pride that this encompasses.  They also had to experience the agony of an unlawful conviction of a loved one. These struggles inspired the birth of Culpability.

    Culpability is a community responsible company building a platform and app created to bridge the gap between law enforcement and community by eliminating brutality and senseless violence. Culpability provides citizens and law enforcement an opportunity to capture, share and view incidents, good and bad, thus creating transparency, safety, and accountability for everyone.

    It’s everyone’s responsibility to be responsible.


    Through live streaming and cloud storage of videos we work to provide safety, transparency and accountability for the community to get home safe.

    Culpability is a community responsible tech company created to bridge the gap between law enforcement and the citizens they serve. The platform highlights the positive and creates accountability for acts of senseless violence within our communities.  We serve as unbiased bridge builders between the community and law enforcement thus creating meaningful conversations.

    “It’s everyone’s responsibility to be responsible.”


    Culpability Inc.