COVID-19 is impacting our communities all over the world and it is up to us to help save ourselves and each other. We have created a COVID-19 self report form for you to fill out for yourself or someone else if you or them are experiencing symptoms. Help us keep our community safe. Click below to utilize the form.
Engagement Form
It’s everyone’s responsibility to be responsible! Our goal is to create safety, transparency and accountability throughout the community. Use the law enforcement engagement form below. Fill out the form and upload any supporting videos or images. Together we will make a difference.
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Culpability Features

  • Capture video, pictures, voice and/or text messages
  • Send recorded images to Culpability
  • Safeguard recorded data resource in secure cloud
  • Reporting Available
  • Creates Transparency, Accountability and most of all Safety within the Community
  • Provides accountability for good people
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